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Are you tired of someone else determining your income?

Nine years ago, I was at a job that I loved, but desperately in need of a raise. I’d made significant changes for the organization over the last few years – bringing in new clients for them, organizing the bigger initiatives and ensuring their financial success.

All the while, paying my rent and keeping my lights on every month was a struggle. I was tired of operating at a CEO level for a business that was paying me an entry-level salary. And when I asked for a raise, it was a struggle to get $250 a month extra.

So I decided to start my own online consulting business… and not too long after that, the same company that wasn’t able to pay me more became my second client, now paying me a monthly retainer that equated to a higher hourly rate than I was previously making.

Within 2 weeks of officially launching my consulting business, I was able to grow my pipeline to over 200 leads organically.

Now my consultancy has been a long, wild and exciting ride – with PLENTY of ups and downs between – but I've maintained a full-time income from my consulting practice.

In this playbook, I’ve taken what I’ve learned from my 9 years of consulting and condensed it into a step-by-step guide to launching a consultancy the 3 ways I found most effective for getting leads, gaining revenue and leveraging your expertise.

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  • How I used other people’s audiences to create more than $10,000 in “low stress” revenue for myself – and it only cost me less than $50 in lunches.
  • How I leveraged my 9-to-5 job to create a full-time income for my consulting practice – whether you want to work for yourself full-time or not , this hack is GREAT for creating more freedom for yourself.
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