How to Create Consulting Services Clients Will Actually Pay For

I'm not going to lie: sometimes it's intimidating to pitch your services to potential clients.

What will they think? What if they say 'no'? What if they say 'YES'? And how do you know how to actually create products that people would actually pay for?

I can help. Since I started consulting in 2010, I've found a few things consistently help me create consulting offers that clients are ready, willing and able to pay for.

How to Create Consulting Offers Clients Will Actually Pay For

1. Ask Their Budget

HOLD IT – Don't skip this section because you are uncomfortable talking about money. You're going to have to talk about it at some point, either when you ask them what their budget is or when you present the costs for your services. ‍ Either way, schmoney will come up and it's best if all parties have a clear understanding of what the investment will be.

Keyword in that sentence: investment.

Here's the thing: before you invest your time into helping a client solve...

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