15 Social Media Post Ideas You Can Do in 15 Minutes for Your Online Consulting Business

It's almost impossible NOT to see people recommend "social media marketing" as a way for online businesses to grow their reach, influence, clients, etc. I dare you to find one online business marketing article written in the last 5 years that doesn't mention social media as a tool for running a work from anywhere business.

I'm not innocent either! I often recommend social media marketing to clients in strategy sessions as a marketing tool.

That's "all well and good," but what the heck should you be posting on social media? And how can you use social media effectively for your online business without spending ALL your time on it?

Don't worry. I got you, boo!

Below I outline 15 social media post ideas you can do in 15 minutes (or less!) for your online business. Let's go:

First, context! Lemme tell you the types of posts you should be making.

If you run a digital business, 3 post types are important to you:

  • Content to grow your reach on social media – this is content...
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