What should you start consulting on?

You are an experienced professional. You’ve decided to start sharing your craft, art, talents or skills via consulting – and you’re ready to take more control over your income!

You could consult on something you do as your day job, a skill you use on your nights and weekends or just a natural talent you have – you name it, people consult on it. From horse ballet, to pole dancing, to marketing, to fashion styling, to copywriting – whatever you have skills in, you can consult on!


But what SHOULD you consult on? I’m going to HELP you figure it out.

Ready? Let’s go!



What Should You Consult on?

Let’s start with something easy. Don’t think about the money right now – I know I usually freak out when I think about new money goals – instead think about your effortless actions.

Your effortless actions are the things that you do SUPREMELY well, things that you would probably do for free if you...

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