How to Brand Your Digital Consulting Business

Back in 2010, when consulting became my primary job, I launched my business by teaching an online branding class. I taught creative entrepreneurs how to build a cohesive brand and touched on the most important elements of a brand style guide.

I’ve always been drawn to the idea of branding, probably because branding has always felt like storytelling to me. It’s a heroine’s journey. It’s an experience to behold.

I’ve never wanted to be “told” what a brand is, I’ve wanted to be shown.

As with my favorite books, the BEST brands are love and adventure stories. Stories to which I can relate. The best brands communicate value, belonging, fit, aspirations and so much more. There’s tremendous power in a compelling brand, a power that transcends just a logo.

My favorite brands are more than a logo. The logos are merely a trigger for an emotional experience or a “story” that I tell myself related to their products or...

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