3 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Own Digital Consulting Business

Originally published November 02, 2011. Updated March 9, 2020.

I talk to many creative people who want to turn their passions or hobbies into consulting careers that will allow them to quit their day job.

They have big dreams fueled by the profound sense of unhappiness they feel heading into their day job day after day, but usually, there a 3 things they don't consider before they take the leap into consulting full-time.

I, myself, learned some of these lessons the hard way.

1. Working for yourself is WORK. Hard work. Some of which you won't get paid for.

When you first start planning to work for yourself, you may not have thought about all the extra work you will have to do that you DON'T get paid for directly.

There are a lot of behind the scenes tasks and responsibilities that have to be taken care of that no one is paying you for if you're a one or two-person show. For example:

Business planning - This can be a big timesuck if you do it right. You could spend hours and...

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