What should you start consulting on?

You are an experienced professional. You’ve decided to start sharing your craft, art, talents or skills via consulting – and you’re ready to take more control over your income!

You could consult on something you do as your day job, a skill you use on your nights and weekends or just a natural talent you have – you name it, people consult on it. From horse ballet, to pole dancing, to marketing, to fashion styling, to copywriting – whatever you have skills in, you can consult on!


But what SHOULD you consult on? I’m going to HELP you figure it out.

Ready? Let’s go!



What Should You Consult on?

Let’s start with something easy. Don’t think about the money right now – I know I usually freak out when I think about new money goals – instead think about your effortless actions.

Your effortless actions are the things that you do SUPREMELY well, things that you would probably do for free if you could, but they are all things that have EXTREME value to other people who aren’t good at them.

For example, maybe you’re really good at organizing closets, or styling wardrobes, or editing copy, or – in my case, marketing, branding and digital business frameworks– these are skills that people would pay for. You just have to identify what those are so that you can SELL them as part of your consulting practice.

Here’s the thing: My #1 tip for building a successful consulting career is: charge good rates for things that are EASY for you but VALUABLE for others. That way “work” doesn’t feel stressful, it feels… well, effortless.

So take out a piece of paper, Google doc, Word doc, etc. and write down 5 effortless actions that provide value to others who aren’t good at them. For each action: write down what you do well and how it helps others.

For example:

Effortless action: I’m good at organizing marketing campaigns and writing step-by-step instructions to help people execute marketing campaigns.

How this helps others: This helps others because some people are intimidated by marketing, but they have really good products or services that need promoting. This skill can help others grow their businesses.

Set a timer for 30 minutes and complete this exercise for 5 effortless actions.

Protip: if you get stuck on this, text a few trusted people who know you well and ask them what they think your effortless actions are. Sometimes this can help you see yourself better.

Have your list of effortless actions and how they help people? Great.

This is your baseline for your consulting offers.


SEE BEHIND THE SCENES: How I turned my effortless actions into a $8000+/month consulting business! Get the template I used to turn things I was good at into irresistible offers for clients


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